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Hacking Knife

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When you see the Footprint Hacking Knife you probably see an old fashioned design? Well it is an old fashioned design combined with modern manufacturing methods to produce a tough, quality and versatile knife.

  • Extra Strength as made from a single Drop Forged piece of Carbon Steel

  • Hand Ground edge for a sharp cutting blade

  • Long Lasting blade edge due to controlled hardening and tempering process of the Carbon Steel blade

  • Heavy Duty, as blade is tapered from 5mm just above the edge of the blade to 8mm on the back of the blade creating a clear striking surface for a hammer on the back of the blade

  • The handle is made from two scales of leather held in place by three strong rivets. We find tradesmen like that the blade will likely outlive the handle with many tradesmen retaining the blade and making their own handle.

The Footprint Hacking Knife was originally designed to remove the putty from window frames. In recent years we have begun to find out that this rugged knife is being used for a variety of purposes. Here is a list of just a few of them.

Hacking through cars in the outback of Australia

An essential part of a Fishermans Toolkit

Stripping and cutting telecoms cable

Chopping wood for fire kindling

Preparing wood surfaces

Cutting a hole in tin…… the list goes on and please feel free to tell us how you use yours.

Footprint pattern Number 182.

The blade is 4.5 Inches long, 115mm.