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Heavy Duty Knife Blade Counter Display

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The Footprint Heavy Duty Knife Blade counter display contains 50 or 75 packs of 10 Heavy Duty Knife Blades.

- Each pack of 10 blades comes in a plastic case that allows easy and safe access to the Heavy Duty Knife Blades.

- The Heavy Duty Knife blades have been oiled to prevent premature rusting.

- Each pack of 10 knife blades comes Barcoded, making it easy to scan the product

- Counter Display has a screw lid with the Footprint logo, product description and price box

- Screw lid  to be kept on so that the consumer has to unscrew the lid to deterring shop lifting

- All knife blades are Made in Sheffield

- Suitable for most types of Stanley style knife


Pattern Number No. Of 10 Packs of Heavy Duty Knife Blade  
920CD50 50  
920CD75 75  



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