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No.45 Brick Bolster & Cold Chisel Merchandiser

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The Footprint Brick Bolster and Cold Chisel merchandser stand is an essential part for any hand tool retailer.

The heavy duty stand demonstrates the quality and strength of the most popular sizes of Footprint Bolsters and Chisels.

The front of the stand has a strong long lasting label that demonstrates the clear brand identity and what products that are held within the display stand.

The display unit pattern number is 45.

 The following Footprint Bolsters and Cold Chisels are displayed in the stand. Please note no Footprint Bolsters or Chisels with hand guards are held in this stand.

3 X 4 1/2" Brick Bolsters
6 X 4" Brick Bolsters
6 X 3" Brick Bolsters
6 X Flooring / Electricians Chisels
6 X Plugging Chisels
3 X 10X1" Cold Chisels 
3 X 9X7/8" Cold Chisels 
3 X 8X3/4" Cold Chisels 
3 X 7X5/8" Cold Chisels 
3 X 1" Scutch Chisels 
3 X 1 1/2" Scutch Chisels