Footprint Supports the British Armed Forces


Footprint Sheffield have been presented with a Silver Award for being an employer who is supportive of the Reserve Forces. One of the first ten recipients of this prestigious award, the chairman of Footprint, Christopher Jewitt, was presented with the “Silver” certificate by Major General John Hackett, Assistant Chief of the General Staff for Reserves and Cadets, at a ceremony held Imphal Barracks, York in November.

The certificate, signed by the Secretary of State for Defence and the Chief of the Defence Staff, the country’s most senior serving officer, is part of the Employer Recognition Scheme arising from the White Paper entitled “Reserves in the Future Force 2020: Valuable and Valued” and recognises those companies who publicly support Britain’s Reserve Forces.

Christopher Jewitt said that it was an honour, particularly for a small company like Footprint, to be recognised for the role it played in supporting the UK’s Reserve Forces:  Reservists and ex Regulars bring to their employer much in the way of training in areas such as first aid, health and safety, leadership and technical qualifications, training which would cost the employer a great deal.

He went on to say that for Footprint to be in the company of organisations such as Asda, Hull city Council, William Jackson Food Group, Shield Security Services and York Chamber of Commerce indicated that small companies had as much to offer as large ones and as much to gain as well. The reservist and ex-regular bring a “can-do” attitude which is essential if any business is to succeed.

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